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Re-ignite your creativity and confidence with....

Kristie Newey
Skipping Stones Director & Founder

Skipping Stones came into creation as I reminisced back to the childhood days of the great outdoors, family trips and wilderness exploring. I remember the calmness and feel of no worries or fears in life. The patience and belief I once had when younger was remarkable. I remember with each attempt at skipping stones, I didn't give up, searching for the best stone before watching it fall over and over with a "splash". But still, each time I tried again knowing I would someday master this skill. After much searching for the smoothest, flattest stone, I finally witness the patience, positivity and resilience was all worth it, as I watch the stone skip not once, not twice but four times elegantly across the top of the calm waters surface. 


As an adult I have had to re-build my beliefs and return back to that open, patient and experimental 4 year old that I once was. These memories have become the foundation for my belief for life and my business. Life will throw several jagged stones, bumpy rocks and even some boulders in our direction, it is during these times we must remember to hold the hand of our younger self and walk once again in their shoes. 


Emotional Freedom Tapping, Australian Bush Flower Essence, Essential oils and a long journey of personal growth and healing have brought me back to this place of calm and ease.  Come with me on this journey to a lower tox, holistic health lifestyle with Skipping Stones Wellness & co. 

Juanita Fox
Skipping Stones Retreat Facilitator & business partner

Juanita joined Skipping Stones & Co in 2020, as our paths and passions crossed once again and ignited the spark for our first joint retreat~ Create & Connect Wellness retreat. Juanita and I have been on a journey of self development and growth for the many years before our retreats came to fruition. We did Breakthrough boot camps which pushed us out of our comfort zones and into a more loving and vulnerable heart space. One which has evolved us into more creative, passionate, loving, open and vulnerable souls. We have joined together with the same desire to help others find a place of self love and acceptance. 

Juanita loves connection, soulful cooking, kitchen chats, and being surrounded by family and like minded souls. She has such a passion and love for cooking you can taste it in the food she prepares in all our retreats. Juanita specialises in cooking, creating with essential oils and Reiki healing. She cannot wait to meet you!

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