Balance = self-care

It’s so important to ensure we have balance.

Work life balance, balance to bring our emotional states back into calm, balance in our diet and balance in our time with others and time for ourselves.

I’ve found it’s really easy to give so much of myself to my work and to others surrounding me. It's nice to give to others and to throw yourself all in at your workplace to make an impression and get things accomplished.. but at the same time there needs to be balance for the mind to be at peace and the body in harmony.

Balance is key to a healthier, happier life! What strategies do you use to keep yourself and your life in balance? I ensure I take the time to sit and eat and work, or treat myself to a walk and treat at the cafe, I use oils and bush flower essence to help calm my emotions, EFT tapping, eat a range of foods, go to Bowen Therapy, regular massages, take my supplements and most importantly.. ensure I get my me time and do the things I love and voice when I want or need things from others.

When I feel myself at the edge, beginning to become frustrated, a tad sniffly nosed, puffy-eyed and wanting to rest more, I’m learning to listen to my body and take action. Early beds, sweets and hugs are just what I need at the moment. I have to listen to my body and my mind racing and begin to slow down when I'm at this edge. Today I took a bath, treated myself to a sweet ice cream, laying in bed doing nothing and a chamomile lavender tea.

We all need to find that harmony, and rest when we can. It's okay in the midst of a crazy week to say "you know what.. I'm gonna eat that sweet and I'm just going to do nothing tonight. And that's okay! I deserve it"

Kristie x